Melo is about to become a Cavalier.

The NBA Trade deadline is Thursday at three O’Clock, and to say it’s getting hectic would be an understatement . There have been multiple rumors of teams actively trying to make moves, in particular All-Star moves. As of late, it might have just hit it apex with Kevin Love now being mentioned.

Kevin Love in Cleveland has not met expectations. Last year with him being injured, they were able to use that as a valid excuse as to why they didn’t beat Golden State. The problem is that in two games vs Golden State, Kevin Love has been a non factor; he averaged only 6.5 points on the offensive end and on defense was continually abused by Draymond Green and the rest of the Warriors. The experiment in Cleveland has gotten so bad, apparently the Cavs have started shopping him. So where would he likely go?


Boston Celtics have been the most mentioned team in the trading market this season, and why wouldn’t they be? They arguably have the most beneficial assets in the league and numerous draft picks they can dole out, plus they have been actively searching for a star, and Kevin Love has always seemed like the right fit for Boston. So Cleveland gets rid of Kevin Love, and Boston gets their star, but wait, who does Cleveland get?

NBA: New York Knicks at Boston Celtics

This is where the Knicks come in, Apparently,  word around town is the Knicks want to start rebuilding with Porzingus as the main man. Truthfully, I think that is the way to go. The Knicks were in the playoff race until their last 12 games which they went a woeful 1-11. So with playoff hopes all but gone for what would be a third straight year, the Knicks want to aim for the future, one ideally that would not feature Melo. Melo is just not what he used to be, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t valuable. Plenty teams would bite at the chance for Carmelo, an elite scoring wing, and it seems like Cleveland is one of them.




The Trade

So here’s how it would work: it would be a three-team trade between the Celtics, Knicks, and Cavaliers. The Celtics would get Kevin Love from the Cavaliers, the Cavs would essentially receive Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks, and the Knicks would recieve whichever players and draft picks they would want from either team but mainly Boston.

So would it work? 

I believe this trade can and would impact the rest of the NBA . This is a trade that would benefit all teams. First Boston: Boston is already a playoff team, and that is scary. With no real star( maybe Isaiah Thomas, he did make the All-Star team), they are experiencing relatively much success. So now with a legitimate All-Star in K-Love, they can possibly be fridge contenders. If they could get everything clicking before the playoffs, you are looking at a team that could potentially wind up in the East Finals. For Cleveland, this would be the last straw they can pull to hopefully beat Golden State. They would get another All-Star scorer, someone who can space the floor and create his own shot consistently. Melo might be bad on defense, but definitely not as bad as Kevin Love, so that would be another upgrade. Melo I think would also welcome this situation. He would become the number three option, but I’m sure he would be fine with that. Aside from All-Star games and a scoring championship, Melo has no real hardware to his legacy, and for him to finally have a real shot at getting that elusive championship, I’m sure Melo would be willing to sacrifice. As for New York? They get Melo’s huge contract of the books, so now they are once again a player in free agency if they wanted to look for a new star, they also get multiple draft picks, and a couple expiring contracts that they can chose to or not to resign. The reports are just in their preliminary stages, and players on all sides say that the rumors are false, but yet how many times have we heard that before? This has been a very interesting season already, and if this trade goes down, the rest of the season will undeniably get even more so.

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