Twenty88 Review

Almost two weeks ago Big Sean and Jhene Aiko announced that they were dropping a collaborative album, and last week to kick the month off Twenty88 was released. This album is one of the most anticipated albums as of late, especially when you consider the quality of the past Jhene and Big Sean collabs. Win Some Lose Some, I Know, Beware, and I’m Gonna Be (my personal favorite) are all amazingly good songs by them two together, only adding more to the hype and anticipation of the new album. I’ll gladly be one of the first to say it; Twenty88 did not disappoint at all.


Twenty88 is about a bad relationship with a lot of good, or better said, passionate moments. The cohesion throughout the album is undeniable, their chemistry is so good that it makes it hard to believe that Big Sean and Jhene aren’t together. The album progresses as the two trade verses about sex, real love, and all the highs of a relationship, but also lines and verses about cheating, lies, and all the lows of one.



This best displayed on the track “Talk Show”. Jhene’s first verse starts with her just talking, she introduces Big Sean, her makeshift boyfriend, to the talk show. Big Sean follows up with his verse about why he’s with her, dropping many quotable lines throughout. Whether he’s serenading Jhene, ” you the type to have the hardest nigga tearing up, and all your friends around you tryna get they appearance up, when you not even wearing much.” or talking about the difficulty of love, ” my dad use to say real love can be the best illusion,because when you think its there, it’s already moving” the bars definitely there. Jhene’s next verse she completely switches it up though calling Big Sean an ain’t shit nigga, and exposing all of their business on national TV. Big Sean opens up his response with one of my favorite lines on the album, “Fuck is you saying, who are you talking to?, Never call you a bitch, but who are you barking to?” He would continue his defense of himself throughout the verse, which is one of the best on the entire album.


Standout tracks? Of course “Talk Show”, but also “Memories Faded”, “On The Way”, “London Bridge”, and “Selfish”. On “Memories Faded” the couple is reminiscent of their now over relationship. “On The Way” is about the couple eager for their late night hook-up, definitely one of the more, if not the most, sexually charged track.


“London Bridge” is the final track on the album, and it was a perfect closure. My personal favorite song on the album, this song was dominated by Aiko, Big Sean not making an appearance on the song until the song is almost two minutes and thirty seconds deep. Aiko’s vocals shine here; she handles chorus duties beautifully as she compares losing Big Sean to a bigger disaster than the London Bridge falling. She kills it, her voice sounding so pure, angelic and melodic here. Big Sean was no slouch either; he holds it down with lines like ” the only time I needed you was now and forever” and “eight billion people in the world and I still chose the one”


Twenty88 will unquestionably go down as one of the best releases of 2016, to me the second best album of 2016 to date, only trailing The Life Of Pablo . Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s chemistry is impeccable, definitely one of the best male/female duos in music. The relatability is where this album leaves its mark. Everybody has been in some kind of relationship , whether you’re a 20-year-old college student or married for 20 years, this album has songs that will have you nostalgic about the good and bad times of it. Big Sean and Jhene Aiko by themselves were already a problem in the music industry, but together… They are unstoppable.



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